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Detroit and the Underground Railroad

When my wife, Bernice, and I were invited to perform at the Folk Harbour Music Festival in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia a few weeks ago, I was struck by the fact that there was a familiar face in the audience. Dr. Karolyn Smardz Frost had come to see us and she came to the stage at the beautiful Zion Methodist Church. I had met Karolyn Frost the first time the previous year when she pressed her way to the main stage of the same festival and placed a book in my hands. The book was her, "I've Got A Home In Glory Land", and it tells the amazing story of Thornton and Lucie Blackburn and their escape from Kentucky to Detroit in the 1830s.

What really struck me about her book was her depth of scholarship and how she painted a picture of things that had happened on streets that I knew and grew up on, but was totally unaware of their history. This book put me on the path putting together a musical presentation called "The Underground Railroad, A Detroit Story In Music". Dr. Frost is coming to Detroit for a Symposium on the Underground Railroad this weekend at the Wayne County Community College.

To find out more about Detroit's role in the Underground Railroad click on this link--

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