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Gospel and Blues

Rev. Robert Jones is a talented multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, storyteller and educator, but he particularly loves working with the powerful and inspirational voice that is his wife Bernice.

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A Detroit Story

This is specifically a Detroit story of the Underground Railroad.  Based on the scholarship of Karolyn Smardz Frost and others, this program is a musical retelling of the story of Thornton and Lucie Blackburn, their escape to Detroit in 1833, and of their subsequent capture and journey
to Canada.  This story uses period songs and instruments to highlight the importance of the slave songs and coded spirituals during America's first civil rights movement.

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An American Legend

Join Robert Jones in his musical portrayal of one of America's greatest performers, Huddie Ledbetter, better known by his stage name, Lead Belly.  Lead Belly was born on Jan. 20, 1888 in Mooringsport, LA.  He died December 6, 1949, but in his sixty years on earth he forever impacted the world of folk music.  

The self-proclaimed "King of the 12 String Guitar", Lead Belly was the writer of many classic American songs including "Goodnight Irene", "The Rock Island Line", "Midnight Special". and "Take This Hammer"

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Rev. Robert Jones, Sr

In a program that showcases the  amazing variety of music that existed before traditional African American music became the cliché of 12 bar guitar blues. Using guitar, akonting, minstrel style banjo, fiddle, mandolin and harmonica, Robert performs seminal songs on period instruments.

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