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Valentine's Day Weekend in Boston

I just wanted to share the wonderful weekend that I had over the Valentine's Day weekend. One of the great champions of live folk music in the Boston area, one Carol Allen, worked hard to set up a small tour in the Boston area. Since it was Valentine's Day my wife Bernice and I decided to make it into a weekend getaway. We drove through a continuous light snow and then booked three nights at a Hilton Hotel in Woburn, MA.

After we got there though, I started off with an assembly at Haverhill High School in Haverhill, MA. The kids were great! I love it when students seek you out after an assembly, sharing their own love of music and commenting on the performance/assembly that they just witnessed. Later that night, I had a show at the historic Theodore Parker Unitarian Universalist Church. I met some wonderful people including Pastor Anne Bancroft, yep, Ann Bancroft! We had a great time! I sold a bunch of cds (I still like cds), and Bernice and I still managed to grab a Valentine's Day dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

The next day featured a concert at the New Moon Coffeehouse in Haverhill. I had a great opening act in Eric Kilburn, and again a great audience. On the last day, Sunday, I had a really great treat. I got to share a preaching service with Rev. Bancroft back at the Theodore Parker

U. U. Church. The theme was "Beyond Tolerance". It was a wonderful combination of Word, and music, including some wonderful piano by the church's musician, a woman name Keiko. It doesn't get much better than preaching in such a historic church behind a 160 year old plus solid mahogany pulpit!

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